The sequencer modules need two types of connection: Power and MIDI

They use a standard Doepfer A-100 Eurorack connector for power supply: Doepfer Technical Details A-100

The modules work with any supply voltage from 7.5 V up to the Eurorack standard of 12 V. There is a simple Power Module that distributes a standard power supply to 4 Eurorack connectors.

MIDI Input & Output as well as two (foot) pedal signals are connected at the module’s rear side over this connector:

Each module provides two of these connectors (Master and Chain) and a DIP switch:

If only one module is connected to the IO Module, the Master connector is required and the termination needs to be switched on. If another module should be chained, the first module’s Chain connector is connected to the second module’s Master. In each chain, the last module has to be terminated by setting DIP switches 3 and 4 to ON. All other modules in the chain need to have switches 3 and 4 set to OFF. This way, the last module sends its output to MIDI Out and all other modules pass it on back to the IO Module.

The two foot pedal signals can be assigned to any of the modules by DIP switches 1 and 2. Only one module can use a pedal at a time.

This connection system can be used in any personal or commercial projects without any restrictions.