The Fluxus modular MIDI sequencer system has its origins in a programming framework for interactive algorithmic generation of music I started developing in summer 2008 as a case study for my master thesis in software engineering. Based on this framework, several applications have been built that allow anyone to improvise music in a very simple way with no special training, motoric skills or music theory knowledge required. Still, the user is able to interactively shape the melodies he plays with some level of control over pitch and rhythm. In my time as an external doctoral candidate at LMU München, I designed and built interactive music systems with user interfaces based on motion tracking, interactive tables, mobile devices and game controllers. These applications were used in several research projects and case studies, e.g. in the areas of advertising and music therapy.

When I finished my dissertation in 2014, I needed a break from hearing algorithmic music for a longer time and started diving deeper into hardware, because I wanted to have things like that integrated in my setup of synthesizers and sequencers as reliable standalone systems with a dedicated user interface. To get started, I developed a simple MIDI Looper, a Rhythmic Quantizer to help me play like a robot and a Clock for some swing. Right now, I am ready again for some good old algorithmic music and am working on a new module called the Trainer that makes it possible to train a statistical model and interactively generate new, similar melodies from it.

If you want to develop a compatible MIDI sequencer module, you can use this connection system in any of your personal or commercial projects without any restrictions: Technical

There are already several other modules in my own pipeline… some based on existing software (that needs to be ported to hardware with a dedicated user interface) and also some new designs, mostly simpler ones that expose their raw digital nature instead of failing in trying to imitate a human composer/player… let’s see… one thing I definitely want to build is a MIDI Delay that can be synchronized sticking fully to the MIDI clock and is able to synchronize with swing.

everything flows: comes – stays – leaves

existence shifts

memory fades

spontaneity over archiving

there is no time

but change

capturing the moment instead of preparing it